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Overlord Model (Most if not all arrays are 8 bytes in length)

  • $0B00[0x08] = Overlord types for this room.

Overlord Catalog: 0x00 - Cannon Room 0x01 - Metal Ball Generator? 0x02 - Cannon Room 0x03 - Cannon Balls? 0x04 - Snake Trap 0x05 - Stalfos Trap 0x06 - ??? 0x07 - Moving Floor 0x08 - Transformer (HM name) but I think it’s the blobs that fall from the ceiling in the room right before the boss of Misery Mire. 0x09 - Wallmaster Overlord 0x0A - Falling tiles Overlord 0x0B - Falling tiles Overlord 2 0x0C - Falling tiles Overlord 3 0x0D - Falling tiles Overlord 4 0x0E - Falling tiles Overlord 5 0x0F - Falling tiles Overlord 6 0x10 - Fish producer (facing right) used in Swamp Palace 0x11 - Fish producer (facing left) used in Swamp Palace 0x12 - Fish producer (facing down) used in Swamp Palace 0x13 - Fish producer (facing up) used in Swamp Palace 0x14 - Tiles that rise out of floor overlord 0x15 - Wizzrobe spawner 0x16 - Small vermin that come out of bombed out cave walls 0x17 - Pot Trap 5720x18 - Stalfos that Materialize (a la Eastern Palace) 0x19 - Armos Knights Handler 0x1A - ???

  • $0B08[{{0x|08]
  • $0B10[{{0x|08]
  • $0B18[{{0x|08]
  • $0B20[{{0x|08]
  • $0B28[{{0x|08]
  • $0B30[{{0x|08]
  • $0B38[{{0x|08]
  • $0B40[0x{{{1}}}[{{0x|10] array

only seems to be modified in the initial dungeon loading routine (room transitions don't appear to write here.)

  • $0BD0[0x10] = free ram
  • $0BE0[0x10] = prize pack for a sprite in the sprite object model (see below)
  • $0BF0[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0BFA[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C04[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C0E[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C18[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C22[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C2C[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C36[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C40[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C4A[0x0A] = special effect something or other

Special Effect Y Coordinate Low Byte Special Effect X Coordinate Low Byte Special Effect Y Coordinate High Byte Special Effect X Coordinate High Byte Helps trigger the Ether effect. (probably has more general usage) ??? With bombs... seems to be a fractional (partial pixel) part of Y movement ??? (may have multiple uses) byte array that tells us what special effects are happening. c.f. 0x18 - ether effect. But sprites also seem to use it... weird.

  • $0C54[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C5E[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C68[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C72[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C7C[{{0x|0A] -
  • $0C86[0x{{{1}}}[{{0x|10]

free ram? number of sprites the special effects uses * 4 The Sprite Object Model. All arrays are 16 bytes long since there are 16 sprites per room. Note: also see $0BE0

  • $0C9A[0x10] = Room or Area number that the sprite has been loaded to. (If in a dungeon, only contains the lower byte)
  • $0CAA[0x10] = Bit 0: disabled???

Bit 1: ???? Bit 2: If set, makes sprite impervious to sword and hammer type attacks Bit 3: if set, makes the sprite collide with less tiles than usual Bit 4: ???? Bit 5: ???? Bit 6: Same as bit 7 in some contexts (zora in particular) Bit 7: If set... creates some condition where it may or may not die

  • $0CBA[0x10] = If this is the following when the sprite dies, then:

0x00 = nothing happens. 5740x01 = leaves a normal key. 0x03 = single green rupee. anything else: Big Key

  • $0CCA[0x08] = Area that an overlord was loaded during
  • $0CD2[0x10] = How much damage a sprite can do (credit: Euclid)
  • $0CE2[0x10] = When the sprite is hit, this is written to with the amount of damage to subtract from the sprite’s HP.
  • $0CF2[0x01] = Damage type determiner
  • $0CF3[0x01] = free ram
  • $0CF4[0x01] = Activates bomb or snake trap overlords when set to a nonzero value.
  • $0CF5[0x02] = Related to palace map submodule, but otherwise I dunno.
  • $0CF7[0x01] = More luck related crap?
  • $0CF8[0x01] = Used in Bank 07 as a temporary variable for picking a sound effect with appropriate panning
  • $0CF9[0x01] = Luck (credit: assassin17)
  • $0CFA[0x01] = Luck Kill Counter. When this reaches 10 luck will revert to normal.

That goes for Bad luck and good luck.

  • $0CFB[{{0x|01] -
  • $0CFC[{{0x|01] -
  • $0CFD[0x01] = Counter used to cause delay between rupee refill sound effects
  • $0CFE[0x02] = Something to do with frozen or carried sprites...?