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  • $C6FC (00C) = Falling Item Data
    • Use the entrance number of the dungeon, divided by two to obtain an index into this array. The possible values are:
      • 00 = nothing
      • 01 = pendant of courage
      • 02 = pendant of wisdom,
      • 03 = pendant of power
      • 06 = crystal. 1 byte per dungeon value.
      • See data in $48D90 as it is related to this table.
  • $DB69 to $DDE8 (27F) Dungeon Secrets Data
    • This is a pointer table that uses references local addresses assumed to be in bank $01. Since there are 320 rooms in the game there are naturally 320 different pointer entries here. In the game's original state, however, the rooms past room 295 just contain null data.
    • Secrets Contents:
      • Data comes in 3 byte chunks and is terminated by an instance of $FFFF
        • Bytes 0, 1: A word that denotes the VRAM address that the item is found at. This identifies the item as belonging to that part of the screen.
        • Byte 2: identifies the type of item that is hiding there. e.g. $08 is a key
  • $E96E to $EB65 (----) Array of chest information in 3 byte chunks. 168 entries in all (0xA8)
    • First word = Room number it is located in. MSB determines whether it is a big chest or not. (big chest if set)
    • Last byte = Index of the type of item contained in the chest.


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