RAM: Bank 0x7E: Page 0x07

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  • $0700[0x02] = Generally is equal to the area number you are in currently in times two.

Only bottom byte is used, and consists of the following pattern: yyyzxxx0 y - obtained by masking Link's Y coordinate ($20) with 0x1E00, shifting left three times x - obtained by masking Link's X coordinate ($22) with 0x1E00, and bitwise ORing it with the the y bits. z - this is the overlap of the x and y bits described above.

  • $0702[0x06] = free ram
  • $0708[{{0x|02] -
  • $070A[{{0x|02] -
  • $070C[{{0x|02] -
  • $070E[0x{{{1}}}[0x{{{1}}}[0x{{{1}}}[{{0x|7E0]. Only has 3 possible values (0, 0x02A0, and 0x0540).

These correspond to the current line the game is generating text on. It is held constant while an individual line is rendering.

  • $0728[0xD8] = Free ram