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For a break down on how room data gets saved, see the SRAM Document.

  • {{$|0400
  • ${{{1}}}[0x02] = Types that use this index: moveable blocks, pots and other liftable objects, breakable floors,

and moles. Collectively the limit for these types of objects is 16 per room. Notes about cracked floors so I don't go insane!

  • The breakable floor that is first in the objectlist is the the one that will open up. *

( Do ctrl-B on a cracked floor among others in Hyrule Magic if you don't believe me). Okay... so why does only one cracked floor open up? It doesn't make any sense right? The tile type is 62 for all cracked floors post load.

  • $042E[0x02] = Index of torches in the room (since blocks are loaded first this value gets updated after the fact.)
  • $0430[0x02] = Flag that is nonzero when Link has triggered a floor switch and is still standing on it.

When he walks away from it, this flag will reset to zero.

  • $0432[0x02] = number of star shaped switches in a room
  • $0434[0x02] = free ram?
  • $0436[0x01] = ????
  • $0437[0x01] = ????
  • $0438[{{0x|02] -
  • $043A[{{0x|02] -
  • $043C[{{0x|02] -
  • $043E[{{0x|02] -
  • $0440[{{0x|02] -
  • $0442[{{0x|02] -
  • $0444[{{0x|02] -
  • $0446[0x{{{1}}}[0x01] = Seems to be the number of torches that are lit in a dark room.

Torch objects during load can be set to be permanently lit, so this can affect how the room's lighting behaves.

  • $045B[0x01] = ????
  • $045C[0x02] = ????
  • $045E[0x02] = free ram
  • $0460[0x02] = Number of Locked doors? (range 0 - 3?) Number of doors that have been loaded in the room?
  • $0462[0x02] = ??? related to submodule 12 of modules 7 and 9

With staircases, indicates a value of 0 to 7 of which staircase it is.

  • $0466[0x02] = Seems to be related to trap doors or switches somehow...
  • $0468[0x02] = Flag that is set when trap doors are down.
  • $046A[0x02] = Similar to $0490, this is Floor 2 in Hyrule Magic
  • $046C[0x01] = "Collision" in Hyrule Magic.
  • $046D[0x05] = free ram
  • $0470[{{0x|02] -
  • $0472[0x02] = ???? related to watergate special routine
  • $0474[0x02] = Limited use between Bank 0x01 and 0x07.
  • $0476[0x02] = Pseudo bg level.

Indicates which "level" you are on, either BG1 or BG2. BG1 is considered 1 in many cases. However, there is no need for BG1 necessarily. When Link can interact with BG1, this value should match $00EE, I think. This mostly applies to staircases in rooms that only use one BG to interact with.

  • $0478[0x02] = ????
  • $047A[0x02] = ????
  • $047C[0x02] = Used with doors.
checked first?
  • $047E[{{0x|02]
  • $0480[{{0x|02]
  • $0482[{{0x|02]
  • $0484[0x{{{1}}}[0x02] = Relates to the plane variables ($063C-$0640)
  • $048C[0x02] = ????
  • $048E[0x02] = Room index in dungeons?
  • $0490[0x02] = In a dungeon room, provides the type of filler tiles (Floor 1 in Hyrule Magic)
  • $0492[0x02] = ????
  • $0494[0x02] = ????
  • $0496[0x02] = number of chests in the room
  • $0498[0x02] = number of big key lock blocks in the room
  • $049A[0x02] = number of 1.3.0x1B objects
  • $049C[0x02] = number of 1.3.0x1C objects
  • $049E[0x02] = number of 1.3.0x1D objects
  • $04A0[{{0x|01]
  • $04A1[{{0x|01]
  • $04A2[{{0x|02]
  • $04A4[{{0x|02]
  • $04A6[{{0x|02]
  • $04A8[0x{{{1}}}[0x01] = ????
  • $04B8[0x02] = Flag that indicates you are close to a big key door, and the text message saying you don’t have a key has

already triggered. It resets when you move away from the door. Also works outdoors when a door tells you you can't enter with stuff following you.

  • $04BA[0x02] = Index of overlay to load in a dungeon room (in response to an event, typically)
  • $04BC[0x02] = Seems to be a toggle between two different states of holes in a room. (For rooms that can switch back

and forth?)

  • $04BE[0x01] = Countdown timer for trinexx red dragon head palette transitioning
  • $04BF[0x01] = Countdown timer for trinexx blue dragon head palette transitioning
  • $04C0[0x01] = Relates to trinexx red dragon head palette transition state
  • $04C1[0x01] = Relates to trinexx blue dragon head palette transition state
  • $04C2[0x01] = Relates to giving of critical items after boss fights...
  • $04C3[0x01] = free ram
  • $04C4[0x01] = Number of credits left for opening minigame chests 0xFF if entirely disabled
  • $04C5[0x01] = State dealing with Ganon's fight = 2 - you can hit him,

1 - he's translucent, 0 - he’s invisible.

  • $04C6[0x01] = Trigger for special animations

0 - nothing 1 - Dark Palace entrance 2 - Skull Woods entrance (when it burns) 3 - Misery Mire entrance 4 - Turtle Rock entrance 5 - Ganon’s Tower entrance

  • $04C7[0x01] = Appears to serve as a barrier variable for tag related logic in Dungeon rooms when set.

Also prevents traveling on staircases and other such things.

  • $04C8[0x02] = Only used in peg puzzles as an index of which or how many peg tiles have been hammered down

In the case of the Light World Death Mountain peg puzzle it's an index of how many successful steps have been completed, and is actually twice the number of pegs that have been hammered In the case of the Dark World peg puzzle near the ruined Smithy house it's just the number of pegs hammered so far

  • $04CA[0x01] = When you are low on life, this is used as a timer

It loops between $1F down to $0. When it reaches zero, the low life beep happens

  • $04CB[0x15] = free ram.
  • $04F0[0x10] = Timers for Torches (byte entries). When lit, starts with a value of 0xFF and counts down to 0.

Setting it before the torch is lit is a bad idea - it will not cause a torch to light, nor will it brighten the room. Note that this range indicates we can have up to 16 torches in an area.